Standard Shoot Contract Terms & Conditions


The Client agrees that Sulley Photography has informed me of all details reguarding the standard package they have chosen and the client is clear on what that package holds. The client  also can confirm that the package price they chose is correct. The client  is aware of package upgrades and there terms and conditions. The client also is aware to write down any special requests to Sulley Photography reguarding the editing process and any details are stated in the provided space below. Therefore the client can not hold Sulley Photograpy responsible for any requests/changes the client may want, after the digital images are finalised and recieved. The client understands that Sulley Photography is not liable for guests/their expressions on images, the day is captured naturally and Sulley Photography cannot make people comply with the camera but will always direct and encourage people to be aware of the camera to capture those special moments.The client understands any complaints can be made to Sulley Photography page on facebook, via private message and allowing 48 hours for a responce. The client is also aware to allow up to 2- 3 weeks standard or 12 weeks plus for weddings to recieve their products.Refunds will not be given if the work has been carried out and the images have been released to client and that Sulley Photography is satisfied with the service and products provided asper contract.


Covid19/ Booking fee T&C for Wedding 2021/2022/2023

The client agrees to a non refundable booking fee of £250 for full day packages or £100 for Smaller packages. In the event of covid stopping the wedding from going ahead booking fees are still non refundable but the remaining balance can be refunded or moved to another date suitable if Sulley photography has availability. Sulley Photography will support the clients through any covid issues. Money for weddings are secure and not used until after the wedding has taken place and the clients have received images. Book with peace of mind.  

Wedding shoot low light at venue (Dark venue) T&C

If your venue has low light or appears dark Sulley Photography is not liable for images that may contain grain, as this is un avoidable when shooting in these conditions. If your venue does not have the correct lighting Sulley Photography will work to lighten during editing.Please be aware of dark venues and speak to Sulley Photography if you have any concerns. Sulley Photography can only work with the light that is at the venue and does not provide extra lighting. 

Copyright and Ownership

In accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, the copyright of all images created by the Photographer is owned by the Photographer. Terms of usuage should be arranged before the job is carried out. If this does not happen then it is assumed that the client will recieve a 2 year unlimited usuage term for images supplied by Sulley Photography. The liecence to reproduce such images is granted to the client on the understanding that all invoices are paid within Sulley Photography stated payment terms.  The client shall run a credit for the photographer adjacent to the photograph.

The client shall not sell or provide copies of the images to another individual or organisation to use for third party commercial purposes without prior and explict permission from Sulley Photography- an exta fee will be charged for such aggreement. any third party in such an arrangement will be subject to terms and conditions. 

No form of alteration or manipulation of said image files, is authorised without the express, written consent of the photographer. No filters from instagram, apps or any cropping is allowed to said images under and circumstances, if clients do change images in any way Sulley Photography has a right to ask those images to be removed. 

If the client wishes to own copyright to the images outright, an agreement must be made between Sulley Photography and the client and an additional fee may be charged. 

Sulley Photography/The Photographer reserve the exclusive right to make reproductions of images created during assignments for website usage, marketing,promotional,competition and editorial purposes. 


Reading the above you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the booking.